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Below you will find references and case studies about companies that utilize ioLiving IoT solutions in everyday business to make it more productive and efficient. ioLiving’s solution for knowledge management, intelligent condition monitoring services are tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. As customers, we have market-leading companies across three continents, such as Ali Group, Burlodge, Metos and HZPC.

We are constantly looking for new partners to complement our fine partnership network.

Self-monitoring of professional kitchens

ioLiving solution is part of customers own HACCP system and includes features such as alarms and automatic reporting of deviations among other things. Self-monitoring of restaurants and professional kitchen chains is carried out easily, reliably and above all in real time.

  • Metos ioLiving

    Customer relationship grew into partnership

    “ioLiving is an excellent partner for us. The agile and customer-oriented product development work is vital, since both the market and the technologies are developing constantly.” Product Manager Ville Nikkanen of Metos summarises.

    Case: Metos

  • Da Mario uses ioLiving solution for commercial kitchens

    Self-monitoring made simple

    ioLiving self-monitoring service is easy to use and affordable solution. We can be sure of its functionality. ” Restaurateurs Leyla and Yasin Çiçek tell with one voice.

    Case: Da Mario


  • Self-monitor professional kitchens

    ioLiving Smart Kitchen solution

    ioLiving SmartKitchen is designed for digital self-monitoring of professional kitchens. The ioLiving solution makes self-monitoring easy, reliable and real-time.

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Agricultural conditions monitoring

Continuous monitoring of growth, transport and storage conditions is a guarantee of productive agriculture. Manage your entire chain and discover our advanced IoT solutions.


  • ioLiving smart potato

    Smart Potato solution revolutionised potato farming

    The smart device continuously collects measurement data from the potato farming environment, as well as transport and storage conditions, and sends it to a cloud service. The Smart Potato was developed in cooperation with Solentum BV, a subsidiary of HZPC.

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  • Monitor agricultural conditions

    Productive and efficient agriculture

    The ioLiving service brings real-time information and measurements directly to the right conditions in fields and greenhouses. A new kind of efficiency for monitoring crop conditions with IoT technology.

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  • Continuous monitoring of storage conditions guarantees quality

    Continuous monitoring of storage conditions

    ioLiving Smart Warehouse solution is suitable for monitoring the conditions of storage of all types of agricultural products such as bulbs, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, rice and grain. Indoors and outdoors.

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Monitoring of
construction sites and buildings

 ioLiving’s condition measurements have already been carried out at construction sites for several years. The results have been excellent, and the benefits to the customer have taken shape at many sites. Our service is reliable, easy to use and cost effective.

  • Temperature was monitored in the National Museum renovation site with ioLiving solution

    Changing conditions require real-time monitoring

    “ioLiving’s solution is highly feasible. I have used their sensors also at other building sites, thanks to the positive user experience from the construction of the National Museum,” Superintendent Teuvo Kivimäki of IKJ-Rakennus summarises.

    Case: Tower renovation of National Museum of Finland

  • Special requirements by the Finnish Board of National Antiquities

    Special requirements by the Board of National Antiquities

    Continuous temperature monitoring was introduced at the building site in real time with the aid of ioLiving IoT solution. “We can therefore skip unnecessary work phases and everyone wins,” Superintendent Santeri Lehtonen of STARA confirms.

    Case: Leading Nordic start-up hub Maria01

  • Accurate continuous monitoring of conditions

    ioLiving’s intelligent solutions provide a holistic view of quality assurance in responsible construction. The solution enables true knowledge management.

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