We are a professional expert in IoT services. When you want accurate and reliable, and above all real-time monitoring of the conditions, check out our solution. Information always goes with you, regardless of time and place. Our solution is used for self-monitoring of commercial kitchens and restaurants as well as conditions of buildings and agriculture.


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Self-monitoring of kitchens

Smart Kitchen enables effective self-monitoring. The ioLiving solution makes it possible for restaurants and other commercial kitchens to carry out self-monitoring measures easily, reliably and in real time. Less waste and safe to offer.

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Food waste monitoring

Food Waste Tracker is a comprehensive solution for real-time tracking of food waste in professional kitchens. Understand where food loss is occurring and take steps to reduce it. At the same time, the carbon footprint produced by the restaurant is also reduced.

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Monitoring of farming conditions

Constant monitoring of conditions guarantees productive farming. ioLiving produces real-time data in the actual monitoring environments. Our data transfer solution is reliable even in challenging conditions.

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Managing storage conditions

Smart Warehouse solution enables you to set the right storage conditions. Measure temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide in real time. Make sure the quality of the products remains good and avoid wastage.

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Condition monitoring of buildings

Monitor the conditions in real time. ioLiving’s smart measurement data collection devices and cloud service solution allow you to avoid unnecessary phases of work, resulting in better quality and predictability.

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Customized monitoring

Our devices are also suitable for other monitoring purposes. Do you have something you want to track but haven’t found the right solution for? We are fast and flexible in our operations. Even small batches are possible.

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