Smart Rice Farming application

ioLiving enters the Asian market with Smart Rice Farming application

ioLiving IoT service has been used in Europe and India for more than three years. The leading services are Smart Kitchen, Smart Potato Farming and Smart Construction. After few years market study ioLiving enters now the South-East Asian market with the Smart Rice Farming application.

The first installations were made in three counties of Taiwan – Taoyuan, Miaoli and Yunlin – during this week. All the farms are dedicated to the organic farming and are keen to understand the key factors of rice farming like variation in water depth, soil moisture and sun light.

Despite of some regional differences the installations were successful. Data stream from sensors to ioLiving cloud service started normally.

The next phase is to learn and understand the special requirements and the benefits of ioLiving Smart Rice application in rice farming before approaching the giant rice farming markets more widely.

However, even during the first few days it was evident that there are micro climate differences between these three farms even though the distance is less than 200 km.

Below comparison of sunlight between Taoyuan (upper picture) and Yunlin (lower picture).

Smart Rice Farming application
Smart Rice Farming application

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