More than 4 billion measured conditions

More than 4 billion monitored conditions

Since last March, ioLiving has already processed more than a billion different measurement results and a total of more than 4 billion. This means better food safety and quality assurance of indoor air and construction.

Our service is used e.g., for self-monitoring of professional kitchens and reduction of food waste, as well as in monitoring various construction conditions. So always where you want to ensure the right kind of conditions reliably and easily.

We are particularly proud that all measurements and recordings are made with wireless technology using the devices designed and manufactured by us. All data collected is processed and analyzed in ioLiving’s own cloud service with ensured data protection.

We would like to thank our customers who have replaced the pen and paper with a digital solution and thus made their operations more efficient. Every measurement is important to our customers.

Thank you for this to all our customers and partners!

If you are not yet our customer, now is a good time to ask for the best solutions for you! Finnish expertise since 2013.

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