ioLiving NB-IoT router test

NB-IoT router on a potato field

ioLiving has started field tests on the NB-IoT router device. The router receives LoRa messages sent by ioLiving sensors and routes them through the mobile network to the ioLiving server.

Mobile operators have upgraded 4G mobile networks to work with NB-IoT technology as well. This technology is particularly good for transferring small amounts of data. In addition to being affordable, NB-IoT technology consumes little energy.

One of the ioLiving field test locations is in the Netherlands. The measurement data of the Smart potato device dug into the ground is transmitted to the cloud via the NB-IoT router that operates on a solar panel. This is a major step forward, as potato fields, of course, do not have mains for standard router devices.

We believe that the NB-IoT will renew the IoT industry, especially from 2020 onwards. ioLiving field tests are continuing in Europe and Asia.

What is NB-IoT? Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is a global network technology that enables a large number of devices to be connected to the network inexpensively and reliably. NB-IoT uses the frequencies of telephone operators with less interference from other technologies. The technology enables data transmission and tracking of subjects also in a weaker coverage area.

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