ioLiving solutions and products

ioLiving solution comes in use when company wants to manage with knowledge. Our solution is used to collect and monitor continuous measurement data through an illustrative interface. Measurement results are available regardless of time and place. Real-time monitoring for various industries.

  • ioLiving solution is easy to use

    ioLiving solution

    The IoLiving solution enables constant measurements, real-time monitoring of the measurement results and an illustrative user interface. Service is easy to set up and use.

  • SmartKitchen, reliable digital solutions

    Improve productivity and ensure food safety. Easy-to-use solutions for both small and large food service companies. All HACCP solutions from monitoring to food waste reducing are now found under SmartKitchen’s own pages.

  • Monitor agricultural conditions

    Monitoring of agricultural conditions

    Constant monitoring of conditions guarantees productive farming. ioLiving real-time data transfer solution is reliable even in challenging conditions.

  • Continuous monitoring of storage conditions guarantees quality

    Managing storage conditions

    Smart Warehouse solution enables you to set the right storage conditions by measuring temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide in real-time, and helps the quality of your products to remain good.

  • Condition monitoring of buildings

    ioLiving’s smart measurement devices and monitor the conditions in buildings real-time allowing you to avoid unnecessary phases of work, resulting in better quality and predictability.

  • ioLiving products and price list

    Products and brochures

    Information about smart data collector devices, gateway devices and licenses and brochures.

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