Food Waste Tracker solution creates added value for management, staff and customers of professional kitchens. The solution collects and analyzes information and encourages to make better choices to reduce food waste. The automatization of routine tasks is highly appreciated, since the kitchen staff is often very busy.

Food waste causes significant costs for professional kitchens. Cost-efficiency in kitchen operations can be improved by tracking which type of waste creates most of the costs and perform targeted procedures to reduce waste and save money.

Similarly, the environmental impacts of food waste can be reduced. EU and UN have set clear objectives to reduce the amount of food waste by halve by the year 2030. Best way to achieve this goal is by concentrating on those actions that reduce waste and that have the most environmental impacts. The simplest way to reduce foods environmental and economic impacts is to prevent food waste from happening.


Easy-to-use, but precise tools are needed to allocate the procedures. ioLiving Food Waste Tracker is a comprehensive solution for monitoring food waste in professional kitchens and contract catering companies in real time. The best practices can be shared with every kitchen or restaurant in the chain. Food Waste Tracker is used to monitor the overall amount of food waste (kg), the value (€) and the carbon footprint (kgCO2e).

The total amount and impact of food waste can, for example, be seen with one view from all monitored service points. The view can be sorted by food waste categories and examined by desired time periods.

For easy decision making all the collected data can be visualized to understand:

  • Why food waste occurs
  • What food waste occurs
  • At what point does food loss occur
  • The amount of food waste, its value and carbon footprint

The tracking of food waste can be done with several ways with ioLiving solution.

The most suitable way to record can be chosen for each kitchen. The options are following:

  • Entered manually using the ioLiving service with a web browser
  • Entered manually using the ioLiving Mobile App
  • Entered using Android App by reading weight wirelessly from ioLiving Smart Scales
  • The data is automatically transferred from the ioLiving Continuous Smart Scales beneath the waste bins


The kitchen staff is often very busy, and the automatization of routine tasks is appreciated. By using ioLiving Smart Scale it only takes 5 seconds to enter the food waste data. The collected data is reliable and up to date, because the kitchen staff enters the data themselves.

Two ways of using Smart Scale:

  1. Weighing waste food item
  • The patch (for example 3,5 kg leftover pasta) is placed on top of the scale
  • The measurement is transferred to the service via Mobile App



  1. Automated data transfer
  • The Smart Scale can be placed under a waste bin, either on the floor or on a table
  • The measurement data is continuously transmitted directly to the service

Statistics on the amount of food waste

Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year, approximately 1.3 billion tonnes, gets lost or wasted. If food waste was a state, its carbon footprint would be the third biggest, right after China and the United States.

Research shows that businesses like hotels, restaurants and food retailers earn financial return on investing in reducing food waste. A study analyzed more than 700 companies in 17 countries, examining a variety of sectors including food manufacturing, food retail, hospitality and food service. The median benefit-cost ratio, where half of the sites achieved a higher ratio while half achieved a lower ratio, was 14:1. Company sites that had the highest returns tended to be restaurants. Hotels, food service companies and food retailers tended to have ratios between 5:1 and 10:1. (the Guardian)

A global report shows that restaurants can have 7:1 ratio in savings if they invest in cutting food waste and prevent edible food from ending up in trash. The study is based on research that used data taken across 12 countries and from 114 restaurant sites who want to reduce their waste. (Champions 12.3)

ioLiving Food Waste Tracker helps to reduce food waste in professional kitchens.


Gasto Helsinki 2020 best products

Food Waste Tracker was selected as Gastro’s Best Products 2020

Five innovations have been selected as one of the most exciting products of Gastro Helsinki 2020 for food and restaurant professionals. Metos-ioLiving Food Waste Tracker is one of these new innovations!

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Food waste tracker

Food Waste Tracker will help you find out:

  • Why food waste occurs
  • What food waste occurs
  • At what point does food waste occur

Food Waste Tracker is used to monitor:

  • the overall amount of food waste (kg),
  • the value (€) and
  • the carbon footprint (kgCO2e

Food waste information from all collection points is stored directly in the same service.

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