Easy and reliable self-monitoring

A Smart Kitchen solution enables efficient self-monitoring for professional kitchens. The ioLiving solution helps restaurants and commercial kitchens carry out self-monitoring easily, reliably and in real time.

The ioLiving solution is part of the client’s HACCP programme (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and includes alarms and automatic reporting of deviations.

The ioLiving smart kitchen solution is easy to use. The temperature collecting devices are placed in the locations where temperature needs to be monitored. A smartphone or a gateway then transfers the measurement data automatically to ioLiving’s cloud service. In addition to measurement data, self-monitoring observations are entered into the system. The temperature and observation statistics are monitored and analysed in real time and a report can be created on any internet browser, even at home.

“The conditions in a professional kitchen are measured while the food is being received, stored and served. In addition to temperature monitoring, the ioLiving self-monitoring service can be used for entering other functions or measurement records as well, including surface cleanliness analyses, wastage monitoring or detailed cleaning information. All data are saved in one single system where they can be continuously monitored and saved for further use,” Chef Teemu Rönkkö at Metos says.

Forget the paper and pen, go digital. Save time, effort and money by digitizing routines. The result is less wastage and healthy and safe offerings to customers.

Conditions have been measured with ioLiving’s Smart Kitchen equipment for years. There are currently over 100 professional kitchens using the ioLiving solution in several European countries.

Self-monitoring of professional kitchen


  • Easy to use
  • Saves time
  • Reliable
  • Real-time
  • Traceable result data
  • Illustrative visual user interfaces
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As customers, we have market-leading companies across three continents. The ioLiving solution is suitable for the needs of many industries.

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