Satisfied customers and proven customer benefits

The ioLiving knowledge management solution, smart conditions measuring and services are well suited for the needs of many sectors and purposes. We are constantly looking for new partners to complement our fine partnership network.

Metos: Customer relationship grew into partnership

“ioLiving is an excellent partner for us. The agile and customer-oriented product development work is vital, since both the market and the technologies are developing constantly. Similar systems used to be awkward and expensive. ioLiving’s solution is anything but; it is highly flexible and affordable to purchase and maintain. It seems we have a bright future before us,” Product Manager Ville Nikkanen of Metos summarises.

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Metos Oy

Metos Oy is the market leader in commercial kitchen equipment in the Nordic and Baltic regions and the Benelux countries and is part of the ALI group, the leading producer of commercial kitchen equipment in Europe. Metos has been in the business for 90 years and has built a comprehensive product and service offering under the 'Kitchen Intelligence' theme.

Metos sells ioLiving products and services to commercial kitchens in its market areas. Metos-ioLiving HACCP products can be found in the Metos online store.


The Dutch company Solentum BV supplies progressive solutions for improving the quality and productivity of farming. Solentum is a subsidiary of the world's leading potato processor, HZPC. The use of potato is growing all over the world. The solution provided by IoLiving offers tools that are quick and affordable to take into use.

Solentum and ioLiving developed an Internet-of-Things solution to improve the efficiency of farming.

Monitoring conditions at the tower renovation of National Museum of Finland

“ioLiving’s solution is highly feasible. I was able to monitor temperatures where and whenever I wanted, without having to drop by at the site. ioLiving has an excellent price and quality ratio, and their deliveries are always accurate.” Superintendent Teuvo Kivimäki of IKJ-Rakennus.

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Special requirements by the Finnish Board of National Antiquities

The buildings of the former Maria Hospital has considerable cultural, historical and architectural value and continuous temperature monitoring was therefore introduced at the building site in real time with the aid of IoT sensors.

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Ramirent Oyj

Ramirent is a machinery rental group that operates in the Nordic region and Central and Eastern Europe. The company has more than 300 offices in ten countries. Ramirent is the second largest machinery rental enterprise in Europe and the tenth largest globally. Ramirent rents and sells a device for monitoring humidity in concrete that is based on the ioLiving technology.