Efficiency, quality and predictability

Continuous measurement of building site conditions produces unique efficiency. ┬áIoLiving’s smart devices for collecting measurement data, together with the cloud service solution, eliminate unnecessary workstages, improving both quality and predictability

Measuring humidity in concrete at building sites is a daily task where concrete benefits can be reaped from the ioLiving solution. While humidity in concrete has conventionally been measured manually through individual measurements, the ioLiving solution allows the same crucial task to be carried out in real time and the measurements can be read on a browser anywhere, anytime.

Humidity is measured with the drilled hole method in accordance with construction information card RT 14-10984.

Additionally, the measurement of drying conditions and pressure differences ensure that the building under construction will become a healthy living environment.

The ioLiving device for collecting measurement data stores the measurements in its memory at regular intervals. A smartphone or a gateway transfers the data to a web server and construction conditions can be monitored anywhere by using an internet browser. The humidity sensors can also be used for monitoring humidity in other structures, such as insulators.

Efficiency, quality and predictability


  • Eliminates unnecessary workstages
  • Saves time
  • Easy and quick to take into use
  • Improves quality and predictability
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves safety
  • Expandable as necessary
IoLiving measurement of building site conditions has taken place on Finnish building sites for many years.
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Ramirent is a machinery rental group with 300 offices in ten countries. Ramirent rents out and sells an IoLiving technology-based product for measuring humidity in concrete.

Read more about our customer references
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