ioLiving is featured at the Computex

ioLiving Smart Warehouse is featured at the Computex Taipei

ioLiving Smart Warehouse solution together with the smart data collectors are featured at the Computex Taipei fair during this week.

Most of the food production goes to our tables through warehouses where they are stored for several months, sometimes even more than twelve. It is important that during the time in storage the quality will remain, and no waste will be created. Continuous monitoring of storage conditions guarantees quality and productive agriculture. When data such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration can be measured in the real storage environment in real time, the producers are able to direct their actions correctly.

ioLiving has developed a solution to increase the productivity and efficiency of agricultural production. The smart device continuously collects measurement data from the farming environment, as well as transport and storage conditions. Our services include Smart Farming, Smart Potato and Smart Warehouse. Read more about warehouse condition monitoring (brochure).

Benefits of Smart Warehouse solution

  • You can place wireless sensors to the critical locations. Temperature and humidity are not even inside of a big warehouse
  • You can move the sensors easily to check microclimates. Inexpensive as you need not to buy too many sensors.
  • You can do remote monitoring and get alarms if limits are exceeded. Easy and flexible.
Know what happens inside your warehouse!

At the fair we are presented by our partner Tranwo. The company is founded in 2000 and is among other thigs experienced in IoT solutions and has worldwide network. Tranwo has its own certified factory in Taiwan, operating according to ISO 9000 and ISO1400 standards. All products have passed necessary CE and FCC certifications. Read more about Tranwo.

What is Computex Taipei?

Established in 1981, COMPUTEX TAIPEI (also called COMPUTEX) is the leading global ICT and IoT show with a complete supply chain and ecosystems. The fair gathers together 1,685 exhibitors together with 42,284 international visitors from 168 countries. The fair is held from 28 May to 1 June 2019. Read more about Computex.

ioLiving is a pioneer in IoT services. Our cloud service solution has already over 1.6 billion measurements and over 30,000 IoT devices have been delivered. 70% of our turnover comes from exports. ioLiving service is utilized in agriculture, commercial kitchens and restaurants as well as in construction sites. We bring proven benefits and intelligence to our customers’ business. Read more about ioLiving solutions and contact us for more information.