Measuring ventilation with IoT devices in buildings

Ventilation in daycare centers were measured in Oulu

ioLiving and the Internet of Things helped

The City of Oulu wants to guarantee good indoor air conditions in the properties it owns. As part of the CityIoT project, ioLiving’s intelligent data collector devices were installed in three daycare centers and an IoT-based service for real-time differential pressure monitoring was launched. The utility of the measurements was clear from the beginning. Deviations were found in the measurements, based on which the ventilation was fixed.

The project monitored the differential pressures of three daycare centers administered by the City of Oulu between 1 August and 31 October 2019. These daycare centers were Haapalehto, Pikku-Iikka and Pöllökangas. ioLiving´s IoT solution is based on continuous measurement and real-time monitoring and analysis of measurement results through an illustrative service interface. In the project, the ioLiving data collectors regularly sent measurements to both the CityIoT pilot platform and to service.

In one property, slight excess pressure was detected in the measurement results, which was corrected during maintenance of the ventilation equipment. Possible deviations from the pressure differences can be caused by e.g. contamination or breakage of A/C equipment, structural changes to the property, or human error, i.e. accidental alteration of settings.

By correctly measuring the indoor air pressure levels, moisture damage and indoor air problems caused by incorrect pressure differentials can be prevented in early phase. At the same time, healthy and safe indoor air is ensured. On average, people spend 90% of their time indoors and that is why the conditions there are a key factor for well-being.

The project also collected information on how real-time measurement results can be used in property maintenance and life cycle management. Do trends in long-term measurement results detect deviations that affect e.g. the air quality and structures of the properties and thus the quality, safety and comfort of the premises. At present, measuring the pressure differences in real estate is mainly a short-term value review. However, continuous monitoring would clearly bring significant benefits to real estate lifecycle management. Deviations can be reacted as they occur, and permanent damage prevented.

ioLiving solution for real time condition monitoring is easy to use and accurate

The ioLiving data collector device for differential pressure measurement is easy to install and use. The service is based on the latest sensor and mobile technology. The compact size and discreet design makes them ideal for public spaces. Because the system is easy to install and quick to set up, it is also a cost-effective way to monitor conditions needed. The ioLiving solution is used to measure and monitor not only differential pressure but also indoor air temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. ioLiving solution has been in use since 2015.

Read more about the ioLiving data collector device that measures differential pressure, room temperature and humidity.

ImageView as a new feature

We have added a new feature to the service: ImageView. User-tracked items are placed directly in the user’s own image. The image may be a floor plan or other suitable image. ImageView makes it easier to manage devices on the service. It also gives you a visual view of the measurement values in a single view. From the ImageView, you can easily switch to details for a specific area.

Turn-key delivery for real estates – packed into one single case

ioLiving has designed a “Property Case” as a turn-key delivery solution for real estates. The devices are delivered to the customer activated and tested. Each delivered Property Case is customized to meet the needs of the customer. Real-time monitoring of the property through a clear interface can begin when the devices are installed at desired locations.

Future Smart City solutions

The objectives of the Smart City project are described in 6Aika, and the CityIoT website: “Smart cities and their services are built on wireless and efficient data utilization. Cities are investing in a variety of sensor technologies and are looking at Internet of Things (IoT) applications to develop services. The challenge is to identify the potential of IoT and the factors that affect information security, and to be able to take full advantage of the data from different sources.” Read more about the CityIoT project.

ioLiving wanted to bring its expertise into Smart City solutions using the latest in mobile technology and to promote a work towards healthy and comfortable indoor climate in buildings. Read more about ioLiving solution for knowledge management.