Internet of Things reduces moisture problems

There are many news of buildings with moisture problems even in new buildings. Rework causes huge high costs. One reason for the moisture problems is that floor covering has been applied over concrete slab too soon. Concrete was not dry enough. A conventional moisture measurement was perhaps done appropriately and the measurement was within limits. However, in certain circumstances a single measurement may lead to a wrong conclusion. There can be excess moisture in the lower part of slab. Later this excess moisture will diffuse to the surface. Also the temperature of concrete and temperature changes affect the measurement result.

Continuous moisture monitoring confirms that concrete slab is dry enough. Monitoring shall be started about one month before estimated surface coverage. Monitoring shall include moisture and temperature measurements of slab  as well as room humidity and temperature measurements. In this way a comprehensive understanding of the drying dynamics can be achieved. IoLiving has conducted field tests since June 2015. Internet of Things makes it possible to monitor drying process with web browser. Graphics brings the variations clearly visible. When moisture monitoring is done at two different depths the decrease or increase of drying pace can be detected.

Trust between the involved parties at the construction site is important. Trust can be increased by sharing the moisture information to every party. Client, auditor and construction company shall have a possibility to monitor the drying process with web browser in their smart phones or computers. Internet of Things makes sharing of moisture information possible.

IoLiving continues testing of this innovative method with an intention to launch the products and IoT service in 2016. Quality of buildings will be improved.