Application name: ioLiving Android app
Download link: ioLiving Android app
Name in Google Play Store: IoLiving
Release date: 7.4.2017
Version label: 1.0.14
Version statement: –
System requirements: Android 4.4. or higher

Application name: ioLiving Handy
Download link: ioLiving Handy
Name in Google Play Store: IoLiving Handy
Release date: 17.10.2018
Version label: 1.1
Version statement: –
System requirements: Android 5.0. or higher

Application name: KeittiöApuri
Download link: Download from here
Name in Google Play Store: KeittiöApuri
Release date: 17.12.2019
Version label: 0.8
System requirements: Android 5.0

Application name: ioLiving Mini for maintenance personnel
Download link: ioLiving Mini
Name in Google Play Store: –
Release date: 16.6.2021
Version label: 1.9
Version statement: –
Description: ioLiving mini is a simple tool for discovering ioLiving devices around you. It’s meant for persons doing initial setup of ioLiving system to figure out best placement for devices and gateway. Short instructions: Application automatically discovers IoLiving bluetooth devices around you. By tapping a device you will see the latest data broadcasted by the device. System requirements: Android 7.0 or higher

Application name: SolReader
Download link: SolReader
Release date: 24.4.2018
Version label: 1.2
Version description: Improved stability. Added warning for CO2 calibration.
Description: This application can be only used with SolAntenna devices.

Application name: nRF connect
Download link: Github
Use nRF connect to check signal strengths from all surrounding IoLiving devices.