Internet of Things - Partnering

Internet of Things is emerging rapidly to several industries and to homes. IoLiving platform scales up for several use purposes. partnering with leading brands brings the devices and apps quickly to the end users. IoLiving is continuously searching for new partner to compliment the IoLiving network.

Metos Oy

Metos Oy is the leading professional kitchen manufacturer in the Nordic, Baltic and Benelux countries. It belongs to ALI-group that is the biggest kitchen equipment supplier in Europe. Metos Oy has been in kitchen business for more than 90 years and has developed an extensive product and service offering under the theme ”Kitchen Intelligence”.

Metos Oy is an exclusive distributor of IoLiving technology to the professional kitchens in Nordic, Baltic and Benelux countries. Metos-IoLiving HACCP products can be found from Metos web shop.

Vaisala Oyj

Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Vaisala humidity sensors and other instruments has been used, for example, at construction sites for decades. Vaisala is known to be a reliable source of measurement data. With IoLiving IoT technology the accurate data is available in smart phones and in the Internet. Please, learn more about Vaisala from their web site.

IoLiving is the retailer of Vaisala HMP110 humidity sensor. With this sensor device accurate and reliable moisture in concrete slabs and other structures can be monitored.

Ramirent Oyj, Reimax Oy

Ramirent provides a broad product portfolio of high quality and reliable rental construction equipment in 10 countries in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe. With more than 300 locations Ramirent is the second biggest construction equipment company in Europe. You can learn more about Ramirent from their web site.

Ramirent rents and sells IoLiving moisture monitoring system that is used to monitor moisture in concrete slabs. The final assembly of the site kit is done by Reimax Oy that is a leading contract manufacturer with good product offering to construction sites.


Dutch Solentum BV provides innovative solutions to improve quality and productivity of farming. Solentum is a daughter company of HZPC, the world leader in potato breeding,
seed potato trade and product concept development. Use of potato is increasing all over the world and is taking the place of rise as the most used food. Internet of Things will offer new tools which are easy to use and inexpensive. learn more about Solenetum and HZPC from their web sites.

Solentum and IoLiving co-operate in developing IoT solutions for farming.

MedAngel BV

Dutch MedAngel is an innovative company to improve medication safety. many medicines will lose their power if temperature si too high or too low. MedAngel and IoLiving have combined medication and IoT knowledge to develop a solution for professionals and consumers. Learn more about MedAngel form their web site.

MedAngel is a distributor of IoLiving technology in medical sector.

TaloTohtori Oy

TaloTohtori/Enermix is a company located in Tampere Finland. They have specialized to optimize heating and ventilation of apartment houses. Balancing the heating in an apartment house with many flats is a challenging task. IoLiving technology is a significant help in finding the balance. Learn more about TaloTohtori from their website.

Talotohtori Oy is a distributor of IoLiving technology in real estate sector.