Room air - the most important environment

Monitoring of Temperature, humidity and CO2. Ensure health and comfort living environment.

Are You tired?  Suffering from dry skin?   Often headache?   Musty room air?

Healthy room air is fresh. It’s easy to breath and it doesn’t smell anything. The most important factors for healthy room air quality are temperature, carbon dioxide (CO2) level and humidity. Correct temperature is depending on Your own sentiment.  Many times we do not know the range within which the temperature variate. Very seldom temperature is the same in night time and day-time. Your sleep will be deeper in convenient temperature.

CO2 level affects Your vitality. When you feel that room air is musty it’s obvious that CO2 level is close to upper limit of the recommended 1500 ppm. You can also feel tired and have headache when CO2 level in much lower level. CO2 level indicates adequacy of ventilation i.e. when CO2 level is within the recommended range there is no any other impurity or smell either. Relative humidity affects mucous membrane operation and wellbeing of Your skin.





IoLiving – improve room air quality

IoLiving helps You to adjust heating, ventilation and humidification for Your Family to enjoy healthy air. It’s important to be aware about level and variance of temperature, humidity and CO2 for longer period to be able to adjust ventilation correctly. Heating and ventilation systems doesn’t keep condition at same level all the time, there are variation during the day. If You increase ventilation in one room in another room ventilation may be decreased. Therefore continually measured data is needed for proper adjustment.

Easy to use and inexpensive choice

Quality of room air is monitored with the same principle as other  IoLiving service. Learn more form support pages.

IoLiving devices measure temperature, humidity and CO2 level with the most accurate sensors. Products and  services are developed in Finland. Due to our innovation the products are the most cost efficient and easy to use in the market. No need to invest any more  hundreds of Euros to have continuous temperature, humidity and  CO2 level.

You can locate  IoLiving device on Your desk at office or at home in every room and monitor real time temperature, humidity and CO2 level. WE broser is used to view the data and to share access rights to family members and friends.

Easy to take in use

Read more about requirements  here.

  1. Open your account: –> Login
  2. Select “Add new device” and give a nickname to your new device
  3. Download Android app from  Google Play

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