Food quality control with web browser

Complete HACCP control in professional kitchens. Improving productivity and quality in potato breeding.

Finnish IoLiving® is an ideal solution for the Food Service industry. It makes easy to monitor Your entire food service operation to comply with HACCP requirement

Improve productivity and release Your staff to their professional work by using IoLiving service.

Collected data archive is always up to date and available.

Food is fresh and high quality, when temperature -both cold and hot- are continually correct according to your quality plan.


IoLiving® service comply with HACCP requirement including automated reporting options and alarm notifications. IoLiving® can be used to collect and store all data related to Your food quality control.

1. Catcher devices for Automatic temperature monitoring

IoLiving T Cold food tablets and cabinets, food warmers, etc.

IoLiving E Refrigerators, freezers, etc.

IoLiving E+ Hot food, salads, soups, quick cooling, etc.

IoLiving DW Dish washer, etc.

IoLiving DW Room temperature and humidity.

IoLiving I Temperature sampling (phone catches temperature readings)

Ravintoa suomi

2. Manual data input. It’s easy to input the the results of regular quality and hygiene checks according to Your quality plan. You just name and define the check points applicable for You.

In the case of non conformance a note an corrective actions will be added.

Examples of check lists:

Daily check list – List of daily checks (purity of desks, purity of equipment, purity of cooking oil etc.)

Dish washer – wash temperature, rinse temperature , cleanliness of the washing machine, etc.

Hygiene – Hygiene measurement results according to Your quality plan

Incoming inspection – Products, temperature, visual findings, supplier

3. Automatic reporting includes notes of non conforming issues and comments. All measured results are stored into IoLiving® database and can be searched e.g. based on the date.

Easy to use report generator:

– select time period (day, week or month)

– print report on paper or PDF document


Operating principle: Catcher devices are installed in data collection point and they’ll store temperature data. IoLiving application installed in smartphone or tablet transfers automatically stored temperature data to web. Manually inputted data and comments are inserted with smart phone, tablet or PC. Actual temperature and manually inserted findings can be followed and reported with any web browser anywhere.

Easy to take into use:

1. A company account is opened for you (requires a licence).

2. Nicknames are given to the temperature catching devices.

3. IoLiving® application is downloaded from Google Play.

4. Check lists are defined according to Your needs.