Moisture of Concrete

You can monitor moisture of concrete floors and other structures with web browser. Continuous monitoring will improves significantly safety and quality by preventing moisture problems like mildew.

Mildew problem will appear if there will remain moisture under the floor coverage. Most commonly used method to measure moisture is the so called ”drill method” according to ASTM F2170. A hole will be drilled to the concrete slab and relative humidity of the air in the hole is measured. Currently measuring is done manually. Test technician goes to the construction site and measures the moisture level. naturally measuring cannot take place continuously but only every now and then. The test result in the manual method depend significantly on the circumstances at the time point of measuring. Continuous IoLiving moisture monitoring will increase reliability as the moisture history is available and archived. It also is cost efficient as the technician need not to visit the construction site so often. Moisture of concrete slabs can be monitored by any web browser, from anywhere.

Swiss made moisture sensor, Nordic and Baltic countries

Ramirent Oy leases and sells in Nordic and Baltic countries moisture monitoring solution that is based on a factory calibrated Swiss sensor. Please go to Ramirent web page or visit a Ramirent location to learn more.

ramirent sensor

Vaisala moisture sensor

IoLiving is a retailer of Vaisala HMP110 moisture sensor. HMP110 has been used on construction sites for more than decade and it is often used as reference measurement. IoLiving device transfers the HMP110 measurements to cloud service. You will find a more accurate product description on our web shop.