IoLiving – Vaisala HMP110


Delivery time 2 weeks


Use purpose

This product is used at construction sites to monitor moisture of concrete slabs and other structeres.


So called “drill hole method” (see ASTM F2170) is used to measure moisture of concrete slab. A 16mm hole is drilled into the slab, a support pipe installed and the IoLiving-Vaisala HMP110 device inserted into the pipe. The product is followed by a detailed installation guide. The device measures following parameters in 20 minutes intervals:

  • moisture of concrete slab
  • temperature of concrete slab,
  • room air humidity,
  • room air temperature

IoLiving app is installed to an Android phone or tablet computer. The app transfers measurements data to IoLiving cloud server. Monitoring of measures is taking place by any web browser.

Packing inlcudes:

  • IoLiving device
  • Vaisala HMP110 humidity sensor with calibration certificate
  • 2 pcs of LS14250 batteries

(IoLiving app can be loaded free of charge from Google Play store)

Technical data:

  • Measurement accuracy, Vaisala HMP110 sensor, concrete:
  • +-1,5% RH in the range of 0…90%RH and temperature 0…40C°C
  • +-2,5% RH in the range of 90…100%RH and temperature 0…40C°C
  • Measurement accuracy, HYT221 sensor, room air:
  • +-1,8% RH in the range of 0…90%RH and temperature 0…40C°
  • +-3% RH in the range of 90…100%RH and temperature 0…40C°C
  • Bluetooth® Smart- connection (range 30m in line-of-sight)

battery life 1 year in continuous measurement (longer when the sensor is disconnected for storing)

Smart phone requirement:

Android 4.4 or newer.