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Use purpose

This product can be used to monitor temperature of any object; medicine, food, room, garage, etc.

Product description

Download TempSpy app from Google Play Store to you Android smart phone or tablet computer. Activate the TempSpy device in use. No user account neither settings are required. Place the device to the location from where you want temperature to be monitored. Smart phone shows following parameters:

  • current temperature
  • max temperature
  • time-point of max temperature
  • min temperature
  • time-point of min temperature

Free up-grade to monitor history data:

You can also activate the TempSpy device to the IoLiving cloud service. Create an account and give a name to the device. TempSpy device stores temperature measurements in 3 minutes intervals. Download IoLiving app to your phone or tablet to transfer the temperature measurements to the IoLiving cloud. You can browse, analyse and share the data using any Web browser.

Package contains:

  • An TempSpy device
  • CR 2032 battery
  • (free of charge download of TempSpy app from Google Play Store)

Technical data:

  • Temperature measurement range -25°C – +60°C
  • Measurement accuracy +-0.5°C
  • Size: 42 x 26 x 8,5 mm
  • Splash waterproof
  • Bluetooth® Smart connection (line-of-sight range 30 m … 200 m)

Device requirements:

Android 4.4 or newer version.