IoLiving Company Presentation


The Internet of Things supplements social media

People use Internet services for many things without thinking twice about it. This is a trend that will continue. The discussion about the Internet of Things (IoT) has been centered on technology and products. Yet the way in which IoT will change our behavior is not related to technology but information. IoT will become the next media service. Consumers are not interested in by which technology a service is implemented but in the information provided by things. Community, rapid and effortless sharing of information, interaction and ease of use are the benefits of the Internet that make people change the way they behave.


Industrial Internet boosts the service sector

The Internet revolutionizes information management in the industry. An industrial process may be controlled through a Web browser. The industrial Internet is typically associated with the chemical industry, machine industry or other types of large scale industry. The improvement in quality and the rise in efficiency are carried over to the food industry, for example. The handling of food involves a great deal of information, whose management, now done by hand, could be automated in a cost-efficient manner by means of the industrial Internet.


IoLiving – the vision

IoLiving wants to encourage and guide people in adopting a healthy, safe and cheerful lifestyle. The Internet is a modern enabler much like clean water, electricity or a phone subscription. A commodity.

Our service is called the Internet of Living. We are not about inventing new errands, but by doing them more efficiently.

IoLiving – the mission

IoLiving offers value-adding products and services to consumers and businesses. Our products are based on dual stream data transfer technology and other innovations in information management. This allows a Web page to communicate with a small device in a manner that is both affordable and easy, and offers a completely new user experience.


The IoLiving office is located in Oulu. The street address is:
Teollisuustie 1,
90830, Oulu,

Our Finnish business ID is FI2560688-5. IoLiving is a trade name of Ceruus Oy and a registered trademark.



IoLiving boast an exceptional breadth and depth of information management, mobile media, web service technology and device technology know how in addition to extensive business management experience.

Dr. Matti Verkasalo, CEO

Matti Verkasalo is a merited business and technology executive and thought leader with profound experience from several ICT industry sectors.

Hemmi Piirainen, Service Director, Board Member

Long experience of Operations, Supply Chain and Process Management in global environment. Experience of acting as CEO in an international company.

Dr. Tapio Frantti, CTO

Over twenty years of professional experience in many types of national and international ICT research and development projects both in academy and in industry, as a researcher, developer and manager.

Teemu Lankila, System Development Leader

Professional SW development contributor and team leader. Extensive experience of service development and maintenance.

Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, Advisor

A successful digital entrepreneur and executive. Founded, built and sold several companies in the digital and mobile space, and advised more than 20 different ventures across the US and Europe over the past years.

Erkki Tiittanen, Chairman of the Board

Active contributor, board member and investor in several high-tech start-up companies with global scaling potential. Membership of FiBAN (Finnish Business Angels Network) enables access to best practices and investor network for helping early phase companies to succeed.

Petteri Vanhanen, Board Member

Strategy planner, board member and investor in several high-tech companies. Experience from international businesses. Wide contact network.

Markku Myrskog, Board Member

Strategy planner, board member and investor in several high-tech companies. Experience from international businesses. Wide contact network.