IoLiving terms and conditions

1. General

1.1. These terms of use (‘Terms’) are an agreement between the user (‘User’) of the IoLiving service (‘IoLiving’) and the service provider Ceruus Oy Teollisuustie 1, 90830 Haukipudas, Oulu, Finland (‘Service provider’). The user hereby agrees to follow the terms and conditions.

If you are under age according to the laws of your own country, you must read these terms and conditions with your parent or legal guardian and obtain their permission prior to using the IoLiving services or Web pages.

1.2. Using the IoLiving services requires opening a user account, and a part of the services incur charges. Opening a user account requires creating a username and a password.

1.3. The User may not change, edit or hack into the IoLiving service or change another website so that it is falsely linked with the IoLiving service. The service provider asks you to report any unauthorised use of your user account or other inappropriate use of IoLiving services to helpdesk[at]

1.4. The User may not create or send inappropriate emails or messages to other IoLiving users. The User may not introduce a virus, trojan, sniffer, backdoor or other malware, file, program or other infectious or harmful features to the IoLiving website or service.

1.5. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions or other officious behaviour will lead to the suspension of the IoLiving user account and may lead to legal action.

2. General terms

2.1. IoLiving services and their content as well as the content created by the User are delivered on an as is basis. The service provider assumes no responsibility for the interruptions, flaws or potential viruses in the service. The Service provider reserves the right to edit the services or take them offline at any time without prior notice. The Service provider explicitly denies all expressed or assumed warranties, including and without limitation guarantees of rights of property, immunity, pertinence to be admitted to trading, pertinence to a given purpose, usability, accuracy, reliability or content of the IoLiving services. You  hereby accept and admit that you use the IoLiving services on your own sole responsibility. The Service provider assumes no responsibility for any user-created content or content created by other users of the IoLiving services.

2.2. The Service provider is not obliged to but may according to its judgment remove content and user accounts which contain illegal, offensive, threatening, abusive, pejorative, obscene or otherwise inappropriate information, or which violates copyrights or these terms.

2.3. The Service provider does not moderate the users’ content in the IoLiving services. Users and other parties may report inappropriate or illegal content over email to helpdesk[at]

2.4. The basic features of the service are free. The User is, however, responsible for all charges incurred by data transfer in using the service (including and without limiting the cost of the Internet connection and mobile data transfer). IoLiving may also offer priced services of added value whose usage incurs a specified cost. The use of such priced services of added value requires making the specified payments in the manner specified in the Service. Further, the use of such priced services is activated with the user’s consent immediately as we have accepted the subscription whereupon the user has no right to cancel the subscription. IoLiving reserves the right to bring forth or send to users’ targeted advertisements in the service or through the service.

2.5. Finnish law is applicable to these terms and they are within the jurisdiction of Finnish courts.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

3.1. With the exception of user-created content, all content including but not limited to pictures, icons, photographs, graphics, sounds, music, videos, texts, programs, feedback, information, messages, replies, questions, comments, suggestions, points, tips, ideas, plans, orders, requests and the like together with other material (‘Content’) are the property of the Service provider or licensed by the Service provider, and are protected by laws concerning copyrights and other intellectual property rights. All names and trademarks for products and services that appear in the Content are the property of the Service provider or a relevant third party. All rights are reserved unless otherwise stated herein. All Content is meant for your personal, noncommercial use only, and may not be used, edited, copied, forwarded, published, sold or distributed to any third party or made use of in any other way without the prior written consent of the Service provider or the relevant owner of the rights. You hereby agree not to remove the trademark signs or other documentation related to ownership when you download or print Content. Further, you agree not to circumvent or disable any data security features or other technical features which inhibit or restrict you from using or copying the Content.

3.2. IoLiving follows legislation related to intellectual property rights. We will review any IPR infringement complaints and remove any content which infringes copyrights. Complaints can be sent in writing to:

Ceruus Oy
Teollisuustie 1
90830 Haukipudas

4. Limitations to liability

4.1. The Service provider is not liable for direct or indirect, particular or persistent losses or damages that are caused by the use of the Service, or the inability to use the Service or results or Content, as permitted by the law.

4.2. The Service provider is not liable for direct or indirect, particular or persistent losses or damages that are caused by the inability to use the Service or results due to the incorrect operation of smartphone or tablet.

4.3. The Service provider is not responsible for any health-related problems, including but not limited to illness, injury or death, caused by exercise or sports inspired by or related to the Service.

4.4. In case the user is dissatisfied with the Service or has filed a complaint related to the Service or these Terms, the sole avenue of the User is to discontinue the use of the Service.

5. Privacy

The IoLiving service keeps a privacy policy which states how user data is handled and stored. As part of the Terms, the User accepts the policy and accepts the resulting use of personal data.

6. Changes to the Terms

The functions and features of the service are constantly updated. The Service provider reserves the right to alter the Terms at any time based on their own judgment. Such changes include material changes to the terms of use, we will inform the users of these over email. Material changes are defined based on the judgment of the Service provider. In case the user does not accept the altered terms, the sole avenue of the User is to close the user account and discontinue using the service.